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Independent Group

In the map of the world Bangladesh is a small country. Bangladesh is a country on the South-South East Asia with great possibility. We are proud to be born here. All possibilities are spread all over land, water and mountain. The most valuable asset is 30 Crore hand of 15 Crore people. There are a lot of wealth of mining in land and silver asset in water and many more. This country could not be weak in economy or could not be dependant on others. So, we should build up our country. To utilize the unlimited possibility we need interest, enterprise, honesty and qualification. Moreover, a combined enterprise is essential in one thought and one mind. So, if we want to build up the country then we should use the 30 crore hand as weapon. For this we need to use our honesty, intellect, industrial mentality and combined enterprise and finally take part in fulfilling contemporary and thoughtful plans. Keeping these in mind we should keep the theme in heart, “Your Dream, Our Honesty and Commitment and Prosperity for All”, being committed with Independent Group has started journey.












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